Zeeshan Naveed

Zeeshan Naveed

How Long Does Mold Remediation Take?

mold in the corner of a room and spray bottle and yellow gloves can also be seen in picture.
Mold loves wet places, so fixing leaks or drying things out is crucial. Pros usually need a few days to a week to sort it out. But watch out, this doesn't include fixing things after the mold's gone. That could take weeks or months. If you're worried about mold, get help from a pro.

How To Remediate Mold In Basement?

a mold inspector wearing protective gear and testing mold on the basement wall.
Mold growth in basements can be a big problem. There are a few common causes that you should know about. One major cause is moisture. Basements often have damp air, which is perfect for mold to grow. Leaky pipes or a cracked foundation can also let water into the basement.

7 Ways To Get Rid Of Weed Odor?

close shot of hands holding marijuana leaves in his both hands.
Weed smoke contains tiny particles that stick to indoor surfaces, creating a lingering odor. These particles come from burning weed, which releases chemicals into the air. Additionally, resin residue from weed smoke can coat surfaces, making the smell more stubborn.