Sanitizing Surfaces Ahead of Flu Season in Indiana

How Toys, Items & Surfaces Play a Large Role in the Transmission of Germs

Germs, also known as microorganisms or pathogens, are tiny infectious agents that can cause diseases or infections in humans. These germs can be transmitted from person to person through various means, including contact surfaces. Contact surfaces refer to any objects or surfaces that are frequently touched or interacted with by multiple individuals, such as doorknobs, light switches, countertops, and keyboards.

When an infected person touches a contact surface, they leave behind a trail of germs on that surface. These germs can survive on the surfaces for varying lengths of time, depending on the type of germ and the conditions in which they are present. When a healthy person subsequently touches the contaminated surface, they can pick up these germs onto their hands.

The most common route of transmission of germs from contact surfaces is through hand-to-mouth or hand-to-face contact. People often unconsciously touch their face, nose, eyes, or mouth throughout the day, providing an entry point for the germs to enter their bodies. These germs can then cause infections or diseases if they are pathogenic.

Similarly, germs can also be transmitted through hand-to-hand contact. When an infected person shakes hands with another individual, the germs can be easily transferred from the infected person's hand to the healthy person's hand. If the healthy person then touches their face or mouth without washing their hands, they can easily introduce the germs into their body.

Moreover, surfaces that are commonly shared and touched by numerous individuals, such as shared office equipment, public transportation handles, or shopping carts, can become reservoirs for germs. As multiple people touch these surfaces, they inadvertently leave behind their own germs, creating a breeding ground for potential contamination. If proper hygiene practices, such as regular surface cleaning and handwashing, are not followed, these germs can continue to be transmitted, leading to an increased risk of infections.

To prevent the transmission of germs through contact surfaces, it is crucial to maintain good hygiene practices. Regularly disinfecting frequently touched surfaces using appropriate cleaning agents can help in reducing the risk of contamination. Additionally, individuals should practice proper hand hygiene by washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or using hand sanitizer when soap and water are not available. By taking these preventive measures, we can significantly reduce the spread of germs and protect ourselves and others from infectious diseases.

Sanitizing and Applying Antimicrobial Coatings

Pure Air Indiana's surface sanitizing and coating system is a revolutionary solution to the ongoing concern of germs and pathogens on various surfaces. By employing biostatic antimicrobials, this system goes beyond traditional cleaning methods to provide a long-lasting protective shield against microbes.

Unlike ordinary disinfectants that only offer temporary protection, Pure Air Indiana's coating system creates a durable barrier that actively inhibits the growth and spread of bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms. This innovative technology works by using tiny molecular structures that penetrate the surface, forming an invisible shield. Once applied, the biostatic antimicrobials attract and kill harmful microbes on contact, preventing them from reproducing.

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In addition to killing existing germs, this system also provides continuous protection. The biostatic antimicrobials remain active on the surface, even after repeated cleaning, ensuring that high-touch areas, such as doorknobs, countertops, and bathroom fixtures, remain free from harmful pathogens for an extended period.

This surface sanitizing and coating system is not only effective but also safe for use in various environments, including homes, schools, offices, hospitals, and public spaces. It is non-toxic, non-leaching, and environmentally friendly, making it an ideal choice for those concerned with the well-being of both individuals and the planet.

By implementing Pure Air Indiana's surface sanitizing and coating system, businesses and organizations can instill confidence among their employees and customers, assuring them that their health and safety are a top priority. Additionally, individuals can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their homes are protected against the invisible threats lurking on surfaces.

Overall, Pure Air Indiana's surface sanitizing and coating system is a game-changer in the fight against germs and pathogens. With long-lasting protection against harmful microorganisms, this innovative solution is paving the way for a cleaner, safer, and healthier future.

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