Category Mold Testing & Removal

A series of articles covering the importance and methods of testing and removing of mold stains, mold odor and airborne mold spores from a home environment.

What Are Common Signs Of Mold on Walls?

close shot of a hand removing mold damaged paint from a wall.
Mold is like tiny living things we can't see with our eyes, and they love to live where it's damp. Imagine mold as little plants that grow on walls when it's wet. You might not see them, but they can make the air difficult to breathe. Mold can hide in walls, and sometimes it makes a funny smell, like old socks.

How To Detect Mold In The House?

close shot of a magnifying glass detecting mold on a wall.
Finding mold in your house is like spotting an unwanted visitor. It's not always easy to see, but there are signs. Look out for weird colors on walls and sniff for a musty smell. Mold loves wet places, so check where there might be leaks or water troubles.